Melbourne – ‘I am looking for a tram’

The Free Rad team touches down in Melbourne and urmumsyadad frenzy unfolds. We catch trams, drink coffee and wear turtle necks in the big city.

Ep.1 Melbourne – ‘I am looking for a tram’

The Free Rad team touches down in Melbourne and urmumsyadad frenzy unfolds. We catch trams, drink coffee and wear turtle necks in the big city.


Kale and Luke make an experimental Super 8 film. Zeppelin reads ‘Jeremy Thatcher the Dragon Hatcher’ while the boys paint in the living room. We go behind the scenes of our TROPFEST film shoot. And get a sneak peek at Luka and Kath’s latest editorial for #Girlfriend Mag. We end with Kath’s thoughts on spirituality and Kai’s response to her musings.




USA Showreel

The birth of Free Radical Tv. November 2015.

Edited by Luka Raubenehimer

Ep. USA Showreel

Thistle’s Prick

Thistle goes for a job interview, and ends up getting the flick by a prick.

A short film based written, directed and starring Luka and Kai.

Cameos by Yasmin and Kale.

Ep. Thistle’s Prick


In the lead-up to Sydney Fashion week, the Free Rad team is challenged by YouTuber and ‘Fash Expert’, Alan Tsibulya, to find their best FASHWEEK outfit at KMART. Find out which Free Rad members have done the most research on Pinterest.



Go behind the scenes of indie short film ‘Hellion’, directed by Tim Nathan. Watch Luka, Kath, Kale and Bryn run across highways, piggy-back skate and look into the light.  The boys get ‘dandied’ up for our first Culture Machine x El Topo party, and we rock up unfashionably early. The Cinema Writsys and Cosmic Hollows get us off to a schmoozy start, Yan an takes on full ninja form, and Suzy gets Woozy.  We wrap up with ‘Shooting Stars’. Stay tuned for the next El Topo party … Friday 27th May.



After arriving late and being denied entry to the YSL party, we end up dancing on the streets of Town Hall with a local busker.

We get a crowd going on the street, impromptu dancing to LMFAO, and @iamshelby captures all the action on her camera.

Luka uses ‘the force’ to overthrow Kai. He still hasn’t got an opal card, and instead gives us a rendition of train station Game of Thrones in his borrowed Cheetah Jacket.

Kale embodies his ‘Sasha Fierce’, while Kath gets twisted.

Go behind the scenes of our shoot for @theloversanddrifters club where Kath and Luka violate a stick of fairy floss.

Then, Kale and Luka go on a mission to reclaim the Free Rad Cam that went MIA at our El Topo Party. They find more than just a handycam…


Bakhtinian Carnivalesque

Fools become Kings for the day

Thanks to @intoapp @mantarestaurantandbar

Ep. Bakhtinian Carnivalesque


There’s nothing worse than a selfish shellfish. Beware of the old crustacean.

A Free Rad Skit, written directed and featuring Kale, Luka and Kai



Kale becomes one with salad in the vegan household.

Kath struggles to park the ‘mum van’, so Kale jumps in the driver and spits out road rage.

We go behind the scenes of a fashion shoot with Berlin photographer, Kyra and Melbourne based model, Tasmin. Then get a knock at the door with a surprise from Kai. Luka and Kale cream themselves when they find out what’s in the box.

Kale interrupts the boys’ morning routine. And we see more of Luka than ever before…

The boys head out on a roadtrip to Narabeen accompanied by Mac Demarco. They meet up with Darcy, and head to an epic DIY skate spot.



We go behind-the-scenes of our Topshop shoot with the dream duo, Kath and Luka. Kale find a dead possum in a tree trying to get the right angle. Twan finds a moment of solance reflecting on the  coolant situation in Donnybrooke. Then – CHAOS – shaved heads, Jake Vincent, tongues, sweat, stocking heads, crowd surfing. BLACK MAMBA. yeah.yeah.



“A short film of substance”. When looks are deceiving, and perceptions are blurred … it’s a total wig out.

A Luka R. Film in collaboration with @jaencollective

Starring // Luka Raubenheimer, Kai Suteja, Tom Parker and Brittany Odell

Cinematography by Nicholas Stevens

Edited by Luka Raubenheimer



Benny Mabo calls action and we get stuck in a sweaty lounge room being insulted by Luka. Kai loses his shit. And we go through 100000 takes of Luka projectile vomiting. We go behind the scenes of the next skit ‘WIG’ in collaboration with @jaencollective.  Luka pulls out his best costumes and causes a ruckus through Bondi, as Tommy assumes boom position. Brittany breaks character. Nick almost loses his Red to the the wrath of the North Bondi rocks. And Tommy cooks it.



We go behind the scenes on our Abrand Campaign shoot. The boys skate, and Kale follows alongside, terrifying pedestrians. Kath does her laundry and brushes her teeth. And then gets krunk. We’re all about the ‘booty’ and pop’n ass. Cal fulfils his modelling dreams once again, and Luka tries busking, while Tommy chases pigeons. We visit Kath’s Smoothie Bowl Shack at Glebe Markets. And Luka gets a head start in hospitality. And then…the greatest.donut.ever.

Ep.5 Donut


We go Mermaid Swimming thanks to INTOAPP. And stage a Port-a-loo party at Tropfest. Indisposable Concept sends us a box of disposable cameras to play with, and Tommy chases an Ibis through Glebe Markets. Yas and Kai have a sibling argument and almost break the Free Rad Cam. We establish that Kai is prettier, and does better on Tinder. The boys show us their moves at a Glue Store x Adidas Party. And Cal finds the perfect toy. Kai Hing gets the most out of our inflatable pool. And we find a lost bird. Bohemian Rhapsody brings us right back home, where Nathan performs a rendition of Justin Beiber next to the clothes line.



Noah Fuzzi shreds the Bondi Bowl in preparation for the Bowlarama. And Corey tries to pop back a dislocated wrist. Kath and Luka wrap Kale up as a human gift and surprise Yas for Valentine’s Day. Yas rates the ‘shoot-a-bility’ of Sydney surburbs ‘from 1-sterile’ in an Uber on the way to Newtown. And Claudia tells stories from her favourite show ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’.  We encounter more jay walkers, face the traffic and go for a dip at Bondi. Kale licks Luka’s toes. And Luka stacks it out the front of Portobello PR after receiving some limited edition star wars socks.



Behind-the-scenes of the ‘Saucy Salsa’ video that went viral. Kai cracks under the pressure. Yas gets excited. And Luka burns his retinas. Kath hoses the saucy boys down in the backyard. Yas rediscovers pottery class. And we end up at Bucket List. Fast forward to behind the sense of our ‘Love Story’ photoshoot with Kath and Luka. Yas makes the attractive duo sit on carpets that smell like urine, next to broken windows and then catch multiple trains. Tommy treats us to a vegan dumpling experience, and Claudia tells us she’s actually vegetarian. We see the bubble man at Hyde Park, and Luka runs into a Leo Di Caprio fan club of teenage school girls, all fawning over his good looks. We stumble across an impromptu salsa group in the middle of Hyde Park. And make a rap about GM food, and salmonella salad.





Previously on Free Radical USA *montage of sick shit* Fast forward to Free Radical, SYDNEY. We move to Bondi, get a house, go to the beach, meet some babes, and accidentally end up on a Ferry to Manly wearing all-white and drinking champagne…We wonder why everyone in Sydney wears gym gear out in public, and meet the CM intern, Claudia. Luka somehow gets invited on to a random jet ski, only to capsize it… But still gets a ride anyway. Indisposable Concept sends us a box of disposable cameras to play with, and Kath still can’t escape the paparazzi. Yasmin enjoys a beautiful moment with the afternoon light. And Darcy moves his tongue (and pelvis) in unbelievable ways. Brittany tries Kai’s ‘vape’, because .. ‘it’s a lifestyle’.

Ep.1 Jetski


Back it up, back it up. The boys entertain themselves with the car’s reverse parking camera. Cal gets cooked. Again. We drive past the famous LA riverbed. And WAZE takes us on to Skid Row, where Kale’s stress levels hit the roof. Finally, we make it to Urth Cafe and meet our model for the day, LA-based beauty, Cory. We walk the streets of Downtown and chase the always disappearing light. We do the classic LA thing and break into a rooftop carpark where we shoot Corey against the city skyline. We watch Yas and Jake mumble instructions. And Cory laughs at our accents. Later that night, we meet up with Sahara for dinner and she takes us back to hers and Devon’s apartment. She shows us Devon’s sketch book, and we make a mental note to, one day, “kill it as hard as they do”.


People Watching

Stuck in LA traffic once again, Kath almost misses her flight. We say a very teary goodbye and send Kath off until our next adventure. The boys surf Huntington Beach, and get even more comfortable with the camera at a regular Sugar Shack breakfast. Cal shows off some new beach attire, and Kale and Jake compare pot bellies. We watch a professional metal detector at work, get a good rear-look at a male g-string, get out-done by a monster truck, meet a man with and a snake tongue, and watch 2 HB stallions walk the streets – all  in the one day at Huntington Beach. Luka joins a community Christmas pageant. And a random lady offers Jake one boob.

Ep.14 People Watching

Motion Sickness

We blow our last savings on tickets to Universal Studios. After regretting it for a solid 30 minutes, we’re jolted out of our humbug states, transforming into overgrown children, on a series of surprisingly terrifying theme park rides. 3D glasses secured, we go on a tour of the studio backlots and get an awe-inspiring look at ‘how movies are made’. We endure fake rain and a flash flood. And it’s revealed that the boat in King Kong is actually a miniature model. We visit the set of Jaws, and drive through an aeroplane wreckage. We’re surrounded by Simpsons paraphernalia, and Kath shouts the boys a giant doughnut, which they share Lady-and-The Tramp-style.

Ep.13 Motion Sickness

Dirty Old Rich Lady

IT’S A BIG EPISODE! We almost get run over whilst attempting to get the classic tourist shot under the Venice Beach sign. Jake takes his pigs from Gundy to Venice. And Kath gets control of the Free Rad Handycam. We go bike riding along the Venice board walk and Jake gets a little tow.We go behind-the-scenes on a Culture Machine shoot with Yas, Kath and LA stylist Ali at a The Paper Agency warehouse in Downtown LA. Kale hooks up with a giant bull and gets stuck in an optical illusion. Yas asks Kath to channel a ‘dirty old rich lady’.

Ep.12 Dirty Old Rich Lady


We hit the Arts District in Downtown LA. We take our cameras to the street and Jake shows us how to model. We see more ‘moosing’ than ever, and watch the boys eat a giant burrito. Kath maneuvers her tongue. And finally cracks under the pressure.

Ep.11 Paparazzi

Surfing in HB

The boys continue to hate surfing in HB. Luka gets a new wetsuit. And Jake gets fit. There’s tension in the water. We get stitched up by conversion rates. And visit our local HB brekky spot, The Sugar Shack and find out Jeff’s been working out…Luka finds a Monster snake on the boardwalk. And Jake tries to drink beer in an Uber.

Ep.10 Surfing in HB

Double Tap

Still at our luxury Joshua Tree pad – Kath gets eggy, and tries to convince us that potato juice is a suitable substitute for beer. Jake makes the gluten-intolerant models shot-gun beers. And Luka gets toey over to the indoor fire.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at a short film shoot, and Gabi can’t keep her hands off Luka.

Luka tries to fix Kale’s back problems. And Yas continues to be unshakenly composed.

We watch Jake work his magic with a camera. And finish with a double tap.

Ep.9 Double Tap

Pop Music

We pick Kath up from the airport and head straight out to Joshua Tree. Kath wins some money on a scratchie and buys Luka a pack of dried shrimp for breakfast. The boys skate another carpark and security helps Luka with his wounds. Jake shows us how to travel on a budget. We settle in to our static ridden Joshua Tree pad. Then, sans axe, Kale chops firewood with a crow bar. We end with a street called Kickapoo.

Ep.8 Pop Music

Curb Kids

We begin with a pizza serenade. The boys visit the WHAT YOUTH office in Costa Mesa and skate the mini. Cal tries to help us get a car and cracks his iPhone screen in the process. Billy takes this as another opportunity to show Cal’s rad side. Jake has a crack at skating. And we meet a brand new Free Radical Family Member.

Ep.7 Curb Kids

Deer Drinking Beer

Sitting here waiting on a deer, drinking beer… still out in the Johnson Valley, the boys get further immersed in American culture. We watch Forrest jump across sand dunes, as the boys do wheelies on a miniature quad bike. Yas and Kale shoot in an empty pool. And we listen to our favourite country song over and over again. Kale shoots Gabi on a massive sand dune while Forrest carves on his dirt bike.

Ep.6 Deer Drinking Beer

Big Johnson

The GPS fails us – get really, really lost – and end up in the depths of the Johnson Valley. Bitty keeps the boy’s eyes on the road. The boys live out their ultimate screen characters on a firing range, and Gabi shot-guns a beer.

Ep.5 Big Johnson


We hit Venice Beach for a shoot with LA based model @kassidibatt. We’re bombarded with Venice Beach exhibitionism, and Venice-local Tonan gives us his phone number. We notice the prevalence of segues and alternative modes of transport on Venice Boardwalk. Then end the day at Santa Monic Pier, where the boys question the design of the Ferris Wheel. And then, Drake.

Ep.4 Segue


We begin at Huntington Beach, hometown of tour guide Billy. Hit the highway, almost lose the roof of our car, and end up on Hollywood Boulevard. The boys go Animal Style at IN-N-OUT, whilst Gabi enjoys an apple. We wrap up with a beverage at Hooters, and Jake meets his dream girl.

Ep.3 Hooters


We meet champion boxer Frank, who spits rhymes about Australia out the front of local Huntington bar ‘THE PEN’. The girls unsuccessfully learn how to play pool, and boys chow down Chimichangas ’til they chunder. We venture our way in to Hollywood with tour guide Billy. And stop in at Hooters for a cheeky bevvy, and an even cheekier window display.

Ep.2 Chimichanga

Travel Insurance

The highly reactive happenings of a motley crew of young creatives from Noosa, Perth and Bali taking on LA, California. A travel-doc web series produced by Culture Machine. From The Burrow to a warehouse in Costa Mesa. Meet the crew: @luka.r_films @jake_vincent @kaleneville @sullivang_ @yasminsuteja

Edited by @luka.r_films

Ep.1 Travel Insurance